happy holidays d please be sure to share this tutorial with your friends if you also find the elf on the shelf creepy or if you think its adorable or hey guys so this is a start to my y videos its crazy how fast time goes i feel like i was just making ones p social a snapchat pamn ahhh my body was made to be elf on the shelf in person it s looks so crazy from head to toe i really did look like one i hope you all enjo this transf open me uh oh looks like someone came to make a mess haha elf on a shelf tutorial was one of my favorite ideas that i had i wanted to do something last makeup transformation previous video s used on the evil merry i had a lot of fun putting my own spin on it i hope y all liked it original evil elf on the shelf makeup tutorial s used contact lenses elamis blue pinky paradise hair gel hair bands snazaroo special fx wax rcma no this tutorial shows you how to transform yourself into an evil or mischievous elf on the shelf if you use any of my tutorials be sure to me on social m there it s dead now no more elves on shelves merry subscribe to my channel for new videos every week watch and share elf on the shelf makeup tutorial gifs on gfycat oooooooo long time no upload here is my first video for it s an evil elf on the shelf look i hope you all enjoy s used maybell hi guys today i am doing an elf on the shelf a family tradition makeup tutorial this will make you look almost exactly like your holiday elf i love this i had never heard of elf on the shelf until hood and will admit i was mildly terrified to learn that pas tell their kids a doll is watching them and