genetic map of europe the distribution of y dna haplogroups in each european country genetic map of europe with dna haplogroups 743 764 map of early to middle bronze age cultures from c 2 500 to 2 000 bce pie charts showcasing the distribution of each major y dna haplogroup in modern european peoples proposed genetic divisions of central and southeast europe one family one world dna project makeup ups and europe after studying the genetic makeup of every nation in genetic map of france regional differences in people place german germans europe city data forum secondly genetic map of europe 750x774 south west european north east european caucasian middle eastern south asian east asian sub saharan african bronze age european cultures of 2000 bc genmapeuropea jpg european genetic origin archeogenetic study file european genetic structure based on snps pc ysis png proposed genetic divisions of eastern europe and the caucs one family one world dna project genetic impacts of european colonialism the arab slave trade the mongol empire and european traders near the silk road mixing with people in china racial position in european countries spain espaÑa the map below shows what the borders of europe the middle east and north africa might look like if they were based on the dominant y dna haplogroup it is also mon to a lower extent in albania northern greece bulgaria slovakia ukraine belarus and southwestern russia the high concentration of the y chromosome ancestry genetics and the making of a man map of europe western eurasia for 7000 bc showing four main genetic groupings r1a map 1 jpg 452924 bytes genmap3 eur mtdna png 166508 bytes farming originated in the middle east 7500 years ago descendants of early neolithic farming cultures europe hair0223 light h autosomal prinl ponent ysis of eurasian potions west eurasians europe and west asia top right east asians top left south asians novembre map of early to middle neolithic cultures in europe eupedia ancestral ponents of the balto slavic gene pool maternal dna in europe genetic distribution of the yamnaya genetic ponent in the potions of europe data taken from haak et al 2016 the intensity of the colour corresponds to using genetic data to revolutionize understanding of migration history insute for advanced study 6 migration of sapiens figure wikipedia de frequency of red hair in europe mtdna haplogroup position of the prehistoric iberian groups abbreviations hunter gatherers in europe from the holocene hg hol northeast iberian overview map of recent 1st to 17th centuries ad admixture events in europe map showing indigenous peoples of the west balkan states 2009 all researchers map