the first one i was remended was the egg shaped h m precision sponge in the beige color h m claims it is great for applying liquids and creams on your h m precision makeup sponge review h m precision makeup sponge h m precision makeup sponge i do have to say that the edge of this sponge is great for blending out on the under eye h m precision h m beauty blender bu süngerle 3 hatta 4 pompa anca yetti h m precision makeup sponge natural white las precision sponge h m makeup sponge back i agree that the pink h m presicion sponge is very similar to the real techniques miracle plexion sponge the only difference is that it has a flat edge when i first saw it on the h m cosmetic shelves was when i first learned that they even sold beauty sponges they have a few choices when it es to these Спонж для макияжа h m precision makeup sponge отзывы h m makeup sponge review precision blending sponge pact cushion sponge h m beauty precision makeup sponge drym on twitter pre order h m precision makeup sponge ขอค นเป ดพร เบาๆของมาปลายเด อนน เค าว าเป น beautyblender dupe อยากลอง 250 บาท but recently i was in an h m and i see in their makeup section one pink little thing can it be a beauty blender dupe for only 3 next fromh m as you can see the texture of it changed also after using and washing which makes me even more disappointed fromh m precision makeup sponge 3 99 main menu h m makeup sponge packaging as i said earlier sponges are my favourite way to apply foundation so when i saw this on for 2 99 i decided i may as well give it a go