how to clean the ears of a poodle step by step tan poodle how to pluck poodles ears 18 month old black poodle cleaning dogs ears standard poodle owner some owners pluck their poodle s ear hair to discourage infection ear hair is the h air helpful ear hair photos poodle forum standard poodle toy poodle miniature poodle forum all poodle owners too how to clean the face of a toy poodle by judith willson don t let his hair get too bushy sadly this poodle puppy never has his ears cleaned nor the ear hair removed both ears were not only very dirty but matted as you can see in this picture poodle grooming tricks poodle grooming how to groom a poodle how to clean your dog s ears how to pluck a poodles ear the blue dotted line is where pepper s ear was surgically separated on your poodles this whole section called the upper ear c is closed up poodles ear holding your poodle s ear back to clean it how many times have long ears gotten in the way when you are trying to shave feet or hand scissor around the neck and chest poodle with white hair hair in a dogs ear poodle no discoloration around eyes standard poodles are more than 15 inches tall i might have to grow my poodles hair out on her ears to do this grooming your furry friend does a poodle have to be groomed like a poodle dog s hair in knots how to get them untangled and under control dealing with poodle odors hypoallergenic facts while poodles wavetop istock getty images what does it mean to pluck dog ear hair poodle the bichon frise is a breed that is being increasingly por in many ways they are an ideal breed for a modern irish household they are small dogs 2 you premium itching his ear in dogs minature poodle your dog s matted hair isn t just unfortable it s dangerous poodle with a gray coat standing facing left ears turning red in dogs a skilled exhibitor whether or professional examines a show prospect slowly and carefully noting the positives and negatives if it is a coated