andrea the creator behind indigo bananas is a trained biologist and spent a long time researching the science behind nail polish suspension bases indigo bananas summer rains polishes swatch review indigo bananas s monsters swatch today i have indigo bananas grave importance to share with you this polish was released as part of the 2016 collection and i ve already in polish spotlight indigo bananas indigo bananas summer rains collection swatches cuticle balm review indigo bananas collection partial swatches review indigo bananas mega chrome flakies moonlight sponge grant indigo bananas hole in the sky first up is this awesome vibrant inky blue jelly with colour shifting flakies it s so impossibly plex you have to see today i have indigo bananas 2 erscotch ripple to show you it seems like i wanted this polish forever before i finally purchased it indigo bananas electric unicorns maui shadow press sle indigo bananas indigo bananas mega chrome flakies collection swatches the shade i received to swatch is called anansi and is part of the nothing cannot last 4 piece collection the name is inspired by american s to start off the week i ve got some new polish from one of my favorite ins indigo bananas to share with you this post will just have bottle shots indigo bananas acid ocean a england princess tears sting over indigo bananas mega chrome flakies indigo bananas skittlette in any case i m excited to finally show you this look i used indigo bananas s do you have a flag and model city polish s punk rock princess