21 months 24k miles update 3 sidewall puncture tire plug repair you i am not sure if it s repairable because of how close it is to the sidewall i know some tire s won t even consider repairing it regardless of how new name image6 jpg views 1132 size 51 1 kb name image3 jpg views 732 size 56 3 kb diy tire repair fixing sidewall puncture with plug patch kit nail lasted over 3 years can i patch or plug this tire or is it kia 38 months 42 000 miles update 4 diy sidewall puncture tire plug with slime repair kit you noticed this while mounting some lights in my rear per just one more ed thing to do big nasty nail 20160509 142734 resized jpg nail in tire am i ed bolt in 18 audi tire pictures of nail repair tire name image5 jpg views 266 size 51 8 kb is this flat fixable 20160817 101749 sm jpg i can t figure out if this is accidental or vandalism i ume it s a tire attachments untrimmed plug sawed it off flush later plug or replace a tire after a puncture definitely don t drive with a this video shows an almost new tire that has been punctured by a nail in its flexible sidewall area this location makes it irreparable non patchable how to repair a flat tire with sidewall damage using the sectioning technic nail in tire 2008 jpg shredded tire toyo s celsius tire s tread design incorporates diffe elements and zones to handle variable conditions punctured tire name image2 jpg views 320 size 55 1 kb pirelli run flat tire nail in tire sent from my iphone using tapatalk where can you plug a tire flat tire repair cost mavis tire plug cost plug tire photo of tire aurora co united states sidewall non sidewall puncture in less tyre p1140703 jpg plugging tires near the sidewall 87b8b385 9e 431c b776 a9eb60d42eba 1522719516166 nail in tire 2009 jpg as you can see it s likely too close to the sidewall to patch i suspect it will need to be replaced here s what i just went through with 500 miles on the tire both slow leakers 1 of 6 then i looked for and found the culprit see picture the question is can this be fixed my guess is probably not since it s so close to the sidewall what should i do regrettably there are some cirstances when a nail in your tire automatically means you will need to replace it for instance if the nail has punctured